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Cal Replacement Parts and Accessories

Cal Pump Replacement Parts and Accessories
Replacement Parts are available for most of the Cal Pumps and Lighting Systems. For assistance in locating the needed parts a phone call to our office may be the quickest solution.
Cal Impeller 19110 P220-Pump
Price: $6.45
Cal Pump 10215-Repair Kit A180-A210 S225
Price: $20.05
Cal Pump 10216 Repair Kit for A180T-A210T & S225T
Repair Kit for A210T & S225T with Threaded Male Adapter

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Price: $20.85
Cal Pump 11200 Repair Kit for S580
Price: $22.95
Cal Pump 11205 Repair Kit For S900T
Price: $24.20
Cal Pump 11210 Repair Kit For S1200T
Price: $24.20
Cal Pump 18210 P80 Imp/Mag Assy
Price: $6.45
Cal Pump 18310 Impeller Assy for P-140
Price: $8.90
Cal Pump CFS125 Pump Screen 1/2 Thread
Price: $6.70
Cal Pump CFS125B Pump Screen 1/2" Thread
Price: $9.30
Cal Pump CFS126 Pump Screen 3/4 Thread
Price: $6.70