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Cal Pump

Cal Pump

Cal Pump is a Leader in providing Water Gardening Pumps, and Accessories.

The Cal Pump Stainless Steel and Bronze Pumps have now been transitioned to the Little Giant Brand name are available in sizes ranging from 225 to 1200 Gallons per Hour and are recommended  for use in fresh and salt water as well as chlorinated or brominated water. The Manufacturer is so confident in the quality of this series of pumps they offer a 2-year warranty.

Magnetic Drive Pond and Fountain Pumps are available in sizes ranging from 3525 to 5200 Gallons per Hour.

Torpedo Pumps for large pond applications are available in sizes ranging from 1875 to 9600 Gallons per Hour. These pumps are engineered to be powerful, high-flow/low profile pumps that are lightweight water-cooled and energy efficient. Their unique flow-through water jacketing uses no oils and allows these pumps to be used in or out of water.


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