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Little Giant Utility Pumps - Little Giant submersible pumps

Little Giant Utility Pumps - Little Giant submersible pumps

Little Giant Inline/ Submersible Utility Pumps

eSupply Depot offers the full line of Little Giant Inline and Submersible Industrial Utility pumps. Included in this category of pumps are the original Aluminum Casting, oil-filled Direct Drive submersible and inline pumps for use in water transfer, recirculation, water displays, air conditioners and multiple other applications. Also the Epoxy Encapsulated Direct Drive pumps are available in similar sizes and for similar applications and in particular water gardening. Other applications include pumps for Parts Washers, Tile Saw’s, Machine Tool Lubricants, Carpet Cleaning Equipment, Drink dispenser, and Acid Pumps.

Included in this category of Little Giant Pumps are the Flex Vane “Pony Pump” Series which is a small Self Priming pump in both 115 Volt and 12Volt models.

Circulator Pumps for use in Solar heating applications and domestic hot water recirculation systems.

  • Little Giant 562660 GKPK-SC
    Little Giant 562660 GKPK-SC

    Coil Cleaning Kit GKPK-SC

    Item Number: 562660

    Model Number: GKPK-SC

    A fast, inexpensive system for boiling out coils. The Little Giant GKPK-SC Coil Cleaning Kit is ideal for compressor burnouts when ordinary flush-outs cannot remove the glue-like residue. Use coil cleaning compounds compatible with materials of construction of the pump. Used with coil cleaning acids. Kit includes 5 gal. polyethylene tank, cover, baffle, 2-MD-SC (special version #580523) magnet-driven pump with mounting bracket, 18" of 1/2" Tygon® tubing, and 10' of 1/2" ID vinyl tubing.


    Price: $485.45