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Little Giant Water Gardening Products

Little Giant Water Gardening Products
Little Giant Water Gardening Products

Little Giant Pump Company is the Leader in providing products for the Water Garden and Outdoor Living Environment.

For the small to medium sized applications eSupply Depot has available the entire line of Little Giant Pumps starting with the Small Submersible Magnetic-Drive Pumps and the Direct Drive Pond and Statuary Pumps. Pumping capacities range from 47 Gallons per Hour to 1150 Gallons per Hour and for the larger applications pumps with capacities that range from 1,900 to 16,000 Gallons per Hour. 

Mechanical filtration for the small ponds are available as well as the Biological Filtration for the Larger Ponds. Also available are UV Clarifiers designed for ponds ranging in size from 1200 up to 4000 gallons.

Little Giant is also the Leader in Low Voltage Pond Lighting offering both the Halogen and LED lighting options.

  • Little Giant 566250 BV-112S, Ball Valve 1-1/2 Slip, PVC
    Price: $26.75
  • Little Giant 566251 Ball Valve, BV-2S, 2" Slip, PVC
    Price: $26.75
  • Little Giant 566257 AD-BH-2 Bulk Head Fitting
    Price: $20.40
  • Little Giant 566258 AD-2M-2S 2" Male Adapter, MNPT X Slip
    Price: $4.95
  • Little Giant 566286 AFV-GH Auto-Fill Valve (Replaces 566260)
    Price: $35.30
  • Little Giant 599057 WFF-20, Black Expansion Foam
    Price: $33.20
  • Little Giant 599470 1" Bulkhead
    Price: $23.55
  • Little Giant 925033 Grommet, 2" Pipe, Snap Fit
    Price: $20.35